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Giuseppe is founder and director of ASPZ magazine.

A Shanghai Poetry Zine came to light in the Autumn of 2016, from the passion of a group of poets, friends and lovers of arts living in Shanghai. The original intent was to collect and select poetical excellences on the international scene in China, and publish them through a manually crafted zine.

The ASPZ has gone a long way from those beginnings, restructuring its team and reaching ever larger crowds of enthusiasts, having today a professional approach to the aim of becoming the leading international poetry publication in China. It gathers submissions of poems and related-to-theme visual artworks from all over the country, mostly in English and Chinese, yet receiving works in other languages as well.

A Shanghai Poetry Zine, on its way to be an official magazine by all means, still keeps the original wholehearted approach of its founders, in remaining a free publication to all: “what we do at ASPZ, is to contribute back to society what we were blessed with, believing that poetry, as the highest form of human expression – language-, has to be given, as an unconditional gift”.

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