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Born in heat of the summer of 1980 in Avellino, a small and quiet city nestled among the hills of the south of Italy, Giuseppe Daddeo has since then gone far, across the paths of the world, following his very early vision of a life without borders and a mind open to wide possibilities and challenging experimentation.

His poetry is visionary, ahead of times and tastes: in his very own terms, Giuseppe blends appearance and meaning with equal force; he creates a visual experience of words, a universe in which blank spaces are as much important as written ones; he uses the decisive power of the most influential instrument of human kind, language, and blends it with the most actual of tools, visualization, to generate works of stunning impact (in which he often enjoys to cooperate with visual artists of his choice).

Giuseppe has been involved in creating many artistic projects, while still writing and working on his own poetry. He’s the founder and director of ASPZ, the leading international poetry and visual arts magazine in China. He’s co-founder and host of VOM, a famous event in Shanghai for creative self-expression. He's the Creative Director of REVERIES, a show based on poetry intertwined with other performing arts. And he’s been devoted to many other activities, in order to let arts strive everywhere he goes.

He’s as well still working his daily jobs as a manager and consultant for Italian companies which appreciate his skills and talent.

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