“Imagine a space, indoor or outdoor, in need of having an identity: take the walls of a new bar, of a restaurant, the facades of a public venue, the white ceiling in your villa, a public square, the floor of a brand new train station, the panels covering an old monument under restoration, any place, anywhere...


Then figure out the fact that we are constantly in the need of decorating those spaces, filling them up with something visual.


And now, forget the old-fashioned story of using images and objects of any sort to fill the blanks you don’t want to leave unfilled; I envision a world in which poetry is alive, a constant active exchange between me and you: interior and outdoor design is the new frontier of poetry, the place where it finally becomes a breathing part of everyday life.

I create a visual artwork based on the concept given by the owner of the space: a poem customized to the theme and to the size of the space is then transformed into a visual concept with the collaboration of my preferred artists friends, it is tailored and designed upon the space itself by the work of architects of my choice, and is there installed as a living part of the area. A totally personalized artwork is born, which wears both the functions of decorating and inspiring.


Poetry won’t sleep on the pages of a dusty book, it will be around, designing our lives, functional and finally refreshing. To light up that space, why would you want a silent serial decorative object, when you can have a tailored artwork which is able to talk and inspire?”




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Send us your desired theme or key words, photos of the space where you want the installation to be created, explanation of what the space is and what the desired function of the installation should be, along with any other special requests. We will come back to you with some inspiring ideas!


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